TikTok and WeChat apps to be ban starting Sunday

A world of Millennials without Tiktok is something hard to process. Since the pandemic started and we were forced to stay home, several people started showing their diverse talents through this entertaining app. According to CNBC, Tiktok has 91 million U.S. monthly active users.

The app’s popularity has allowed the arousal of celebrities such as Addison Rae, who, after recording her dancings and going viral, is now to be staring in the movie remake “she is all that.”

The L.A Times informed that “Trump administration is targeting popular apps like WeChat and TikTok owned by China-based tech companies, raising national security concerns about whether these apps could pass on information about U.S. users to the Chinese government.” 

If you have the app on your iPhone or Android phone, you can still use it but not update it because it will no longer appear in the app store. 

The Tiktok and the less popular app WeChat ban benefits other apps like Instagram and WhatsApp as they were its main competitors. The reactions on this matter are all over the internet. Some people applaud the president’s determination to prioritize national security. On the other hand, others condemn the decision. 

Comedian Chip Franklin used Twitter to criticize President Trump’s action.

Small businesses benefit a lot from apps like TikTok because it’s a great, free way to spread the word about their products. The hope is for other social media apps to continue innovating and providing affordable marketing solutions to small business owners.

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